Why Pro Drops Sports Drink Water Enhancer Is Essential To Your Post-Workout Recovery

Pro Drops

I’m embarrassed to admit that this past Sunday, I played in a flag football game at my local park and two full days later, I am writing this from my couch. My hammies are screaming, joints creaking, pride shattered.

People don’t tell you when you’re a spry adolescent that recovery times after physical exercise stretch from hours to days to, dare I say, weeks. No amount of H20 can halt this depressing process, and society is due for an upgrade.

Insert: Pro Drops.

Pro Drops

Pro Drops is a new wildly-popular sports drink water enhancer that contains the hydration and recovery Holy Trinity: collagen, amino acids, B vitamins.

We sat down with Pro Drops founder and CEO John Ray on our Endless Hustle to discuss how the formula “works together as a team internally to rebuild and recover at the end of the day.”

Collagen Proteins: “It is the major road block for your internal body. It’s the glue that holds everything together in your body when it comes down to bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage, even down to your eyes, teeth and blood vessels. Collagen is created internally in your body and as we get older our natural collagen that consists of one-third of your body begins to deteriorate. You’ve gotta give your body back some of that natural foundation.”

Amino Acids: “One of the greatest reputations in the industry for rebuilding wear and tear of broken down protein cells. It’s also great for fatigue and keeps you hydrated at the same time.”

B Vitamins: “A natural source of energy you can consume without caffeine. Caffeine is one of the main sources of dehydration. It also helps keep your blood pressure at a normal balance.”

We also talked with Ray about the genesis of Pro Drops, which came to him in a dream that he ultimately made his reality.

“I had a dream and in my dream was a vision of everything that I was supposed to do. I woke up and wrote everything down. What you see now with Pro Drops as a brand, the bottles, the ingredients, it came to me so clearly in my dream that I just had to write it down.

And I told myself right there, ‘Okay big guns upstairs, I think this is what I’m supposed to do. Thank you, I don’t know where to go from here but I think I got the logistics of it and I got a blueprint. Now it’s just time to roll my sleeves up, put the time in, and go to work.”

Check out our full interview with Pro Drops founder John Ray below and head over to their website to scoop yourself a bottle—available in Cherry Frost, Lemon Lime, and Mixed Berry.

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