Data From Over 1.2 Million Dating Profiles Reveals What Singles Think About Health And Fitness

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New year, new dating tips. That’s how we roll here. Always looking out for our readers when it comes to helping you navigate the choppy waters that is the world of dating in the 21st century.

Our friends over at Zoosk have already given us the lowdown on everything a single person needs to know about food and dating. And now they’re back with a related topic: wellness.

In their latest study, Zoosk surveyed over 7,000 of their members and delved into the data from over 1.2 million profiles to reveal how health and fitness trends relate to dating in 2018.

What they learned was rather fascinating. Here are the top trends they discovered about wellness and dating…

People are focusing on love and fitness in the new year.
38% of online daters said that their New Year’s resolution is to find love, followed by 12% who want to get in shape, and 10% who want to eat healthier or diet.

Regular exercise is important to the majority of singles.
65% of online daters said that dating someone who exercises regularly is important.

Workout clothes can be sexy date attire.
Surprisingly, wearing workout clothes on a date is actually a turn-on for the majority of singles. 69% of people said that workout clothes are attractive and they wouldn’t judge someone for wearing them on a date. And men are really all for it — 75% of them said that it was fine to wear workout clothes on a date compared to 59% of women.

But yoga pants are really the way to man’s (or woman’s) heart.
So what workout clothes should you be wearing on all these dates? Men overwhelmingly picked yoga pants — 46% of them said that they’re the most attractive piece of activewear. And women like it when guys rock yoga pants too, though basketball shorts came in a close second.

Talking about health and fitness in your dating profile makes you more attractive.
Thought it’s not quite as popular as talking about guacamole, mentioning staying active in your profile can get you up to 81% more inbound messages than the average. And, overall, talking about health and exercise makes you more appealing to other singles.

Even talking about your own fitness and body type goes over well.
Are you really into working on your abs? Don’t be afraid to let people know! Mentioning specific words related to your body type such as lean, toned, or ripped can get you up to 27% more messages. And people who talk about their muscles get up to 122% more inbound messages than the average.

Most people are honest about how much they like (or don’t like) to exercise.
Only 5% of daters admitted to pretending to like exercise in order to impress a potential love interest. More women than men (6% compared to 5%) admitted to pretending, and 11% of millennials.

And some people are willing to admit that they go to the gym just to meet other singles.
7% of people said that they have joined a gym or gone to the gym just to meet other single people. And they’re hitting on each other too!

Pilates is by far the sexiest workout.
If you do Pilates, you might want to bring it up in your dating profile. People who mention Pilates in their profile can get up to 160% more inbound messages. In fact, workouts that require strong flexibility such as kickboxing, Zumba, and yoga will all give you a healthy increase.

Los Angeles is the most health-conscious city.
After looking into the U.S. cities where online daters mention healthy in their profile, LA topped the charts, followed by New York, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Phoenix.

Non-smokers attract more dates.
If you’re a non-smoker you’re much more likely to get more inbound messages than those who smoke regularly or socially. Men who are non-smokers get 70% more inbound messages than the average and women get 67% more inbound messages.

Now go forth and use this knowledge to get yourself a damn date this weekend. You deserve it.

Check out the rest of the results of Zoosk’s wellness and dating study right here.

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