Check Out This Absolutely Spot-On Look At Pretty Much Every Tinder Profile…Ever

Alex Ruhl /

Tinder, Tinder, Tinder. What was dating even like before you came along? People actually had to leave their homes to meet potential mates. They also had to *shudder* SPEAK to others on the telephone. Those were dark times, my friend.

Now, however, Big Brother Tinder has taken dating to a whole new wonderful level of completely and totally impersonal match-making.

Today we get to go on glorious dates with people we’ve never met and have adventures involving poop, firemen, and dates with people who lose their freaking marbles at the slightest hint of rejection.

What a glorious time to be alive, am I right?

Of course, if you are a regular user of Tinder, then you know that there isn’t a whole lot of originality taking place on the ridiculously popular dating app.

In fact, there is so little of it that the folks over at the Sam O’Nella Academy were able to distill every Tinder profile ever into one snazzy and highly entertaining one minute and twenty second video.

Watch and see if any of this looks familiar to you. I’m betting that most of it does.