Check This Out And Sound Smarter On Game Days: 16 Common Misconceptions About Football Debunked

Above is the latest edition of ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ from Mental Floss. In this edition, Adam’s tackling 16 widely held misconceptions about the game of football. Below you can see sixteen bullet points, all of which are actual TRUTHS about the game of football. Most people tend to think that having an NFL team in a city is actually a boon for the local economy when in reality having an NFL team is more often than not detrimental to the local economy.

1. NFL teams are not that great for local economies.
2. Icing the kicker has zero effect on his ability to make a field goal.
3. Field goals used to be worth more than touchdowns.
4. The first televised football game was only on 500 TV sets in the NY area (in 1939).
5. A football is a prolate spheroid (not oblong).
6. Football was originally played with feet and there were 50 men on the field.
7. Cheerleading used to be male-dominated.
8. Super Bowl halftime shows had a rough start.
9. The NFL hasn’t had a conversion safety since 1940 (a 1-point score).
10. Coin tosses aren’t actually 50/50.
11. The NFL doesn’t just play on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday.
12. The NFL prefers that no fan goes home with an actual game ball.
13. Mr. Irrelevant isn’t always completely irrelevant.
14. The truth about athletes going to Disney World.
15. Football was almost banned in the early 1900s due to a rash of serious injuries.
16. There used to be a college bowl game held in Cuba.

As you see in the clip above he goes through each of the bullet points below, completely dismantling many of the most widely held beliefs about football here in America. With this week marking the final week of preseason games it only makes sense that a site like Mental Floss would choose now to shit all over the #1 sport in America and whether you like what Adam has to say above or not it is rather interesting to see some of these myths dismantled.

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