Butterbean Wants To Fight Jake Paul And Knock Him Out ‘He Runs His Mouth Too Much’


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56-year-old Eric ‘Butterbean’Esch wants to make a boxing comeback and he has Jake Paul in his sights.

Butterbean, who was known as the “king of the 4 rounders’ in his boxing hayday says he’s ready to come out of retirement to fight Paul.

Via The Sun

“I’m not a typical boxer, I go out there to fight, I want to knock somebody out, Jake Paul or Mike Tyson,” he said at the time. “Jake Paul runs his mouth too much, he’s never fought nobody, I would love to fight him. He knows about it, I know 100 percent, he knows about me challenging him.”

Esch, who amassed 57 knockouts in his career, wants Paul to be his final fight.

“I’m going to fight one last fight,” Butterbean said, via the Daily Star. “It’s gonna be one year from now.

“Jake Paul, if you’re ready, I’m here for you, my friend. Let’s get it on, me and you, Jake Paul.”

While Butterbean is calling him out, Jake is currently training for fight Nate Diaz on August 5th in Dallas.

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