Did Joel Embiid Rip Ass On The 76ers Bench And Try To Cover It Up? Here’s The Result Of Our Investigation

76ers bench fart


On Thursday night, the 76ers took on the Nets in a first-round playoff matchup in Brooklyn, where Philadelphia walked away with a 131-115 victory to take a 2-1 lead in the series.

Philly managed to get the win without the help of Joel Embiid, who’s been plagued by a knee injury over the past few weeks. He gave things a go during pregame warmups but ultimately decided not to suit up, and while he didn’t play, he may have been responsible for what was easily the highlight of the night.

Around the midway point of the fourth quarter, TNT cut to Embiid and a few of his teammates chilling on the bench at the exact moment they reacted to someone in the vicinity who’d ripped what appeared to be a particularly nasty fart.

It was evident the fart was a lingerer but there’s one question that remained unanswered: who’s the culprit?

Let’s look a little closer.

We’ve got four suspects to choose from—Embiid, Zharie Smith, Amir Johnson, and a player I’m unable to identify.

Smith and his hooded neighbor both seemed to have a pretty natural reaction, and while that doesn’t rule them out entirely, there seems to be a stronger argument for Embiid and Johnson.

At first glance, I was convinced Embiid was the most likely perpetrator. In the video, he appears to be saying, “Who farted? That’s nasty,” and in my experience, people who asked who ripped ass often turn out to be the ones who tooted.

However, after further examination, I’m convinced the stonefaced Johnson is the person responsible for the fart. If it was as rank as it seems, I highly doubt it didn’t waft into his vicinity and I refuse to believe he was telling Ebiid the truth when he said he didn’t smell anything.

I’m not the only person to come to this conclusion.

Case closed? I think so but I’ll let you come to your own conclusion.

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