The NFL Makes Decision On Potential Punishment For Aaron Donald After He Swung Two Helmets During Practice Brawl

The NFL does not appear interested in disciplining Aaron Donald for his actions during the Rams’ joint practice against the Bengals.

On Thursday, Donald was seen swinging two helmets at Bengals players during a brawl between the two teams.

According to Josina Ande,rson an NFL exec told her the NFL doesn’t get involved in punishing players for incidents that occur in practice,

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio also confirmed Anderson’s report.

Via Pro Football Talk

PFT has confirmed the longstanding practice of clubs being responsible for overseeing conduct of players at practice, including joint practices.

This means that Donald will be suspended or otherwise punished only by the Rams. Which means that Donald won’t be suspended or otherwise punished.

If it were a lesser player, the Rams likely would do something. If it were a player on the roster bubble, he’d likely be cut.

But it’s Aaron Donald. Examples are made of the scrubs. Excuses are made for the stars. And there are few bigger stars currently in the NFL than Aaron Donald.

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