Aaron Rodgers Says The ‘Double Nut Shot’ He Took Caused His First Interception Against The Saints

aaron rodgers saints interception hit below belt

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  • Aaron Rodgers took not one, but two shots below the belt before throwing his first INT against New Orleans.
  • Rodgers joked about the play during an appearance on ‘The Pat McAfee Show.’
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Aaron Rodgers did not have a good time during the Green Bay Packers Week 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Not only did he have one of the worst performances of his career, but he also took not one, but two shots below the waist during the loss.

Rodgers threw for just 133 yards and didn’t score a touchdown in Green Bay’s 38-3 loss. He also threw two interceptions, but according to him, the first pick wasn’t necessarily due to him making a bad throw.

The 37-year-old joined ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ on Tuesday for his weekly chat with the former NFL punter and revealed what exactly happened just prior to throwing his first interception of the game.

Let’s just say he was distracted by the pain that all men fear.

“For those of you who went back and watched it…I don’t like to make a lot of excuses for interceptions… That one was entirely due to the double nut shot I took,” Rodgers explained.

“I stepped up in the pocket, was going to throw the ball to Davante, it was a shallow cross that I’ve thrown in practice before, I didn’t feel bad about that throw. Right before I threw it, I took a clothesline and then somebody on the right, with a right cross, double nut shot.”

There you have it, even one of the best quarterbacks to ever do it can ignore the pain of taking a couple of shots to the ol’ marbles to deliver a pass across the middle. Rodgers will be looking to avoid those situations, and playing better football, starting this week.

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