Aaron Rodgers’ Father Opens Up About ‘Complicated’ Relationship With Son ‘Fame Can Change Things’

Before today’s NFC divisional playoff game between the Cowboys and the Packers, the NY Times ran an interview with the father of Aaron Rodgers about the rift between the Packers QB and his family.

Via The NY Times

A rift in the Rodgers family became public fodder when Aaron’s younger brother, Jordan, appeared as a contestant on the reality TV show “The Bachelorette.” While romancing the show’s star, JoJo Fletcher, Jordan told her that she probably would not meet Aaron on a coming visit to Chico, because the quarterback had distanced himself from his kin.

With Jordan’s comments, the spotlight burned brighter on a family still adapting to Rodgers’s sky-high profile, which soared after the Packers’ Super Bowl victory in February 2011 and the start of his relationship with the actress Olivia Munn in 2014.

“One in the news is enough for us,” Rodgers’s father said. He spoke at his office on Monday morning during a break between patients, looking down at his hands, clasping and unclasping them.

“Fame can change things,” he added.

Ed Rodgers went on to detail why there’s a rift between Aaron and the family and it seems like Aaron’s relationship with Olivia Munn is at the center of things.

Ed Rodgers described as accurate a Bleacher Report article published in November, which revealed, among other things, that Rodgers had not spoken to his family since the end of 2014, a few months after he began dating Munn,

Asked if there had been any thaw in their relationship, Rodgers’s father said, “It’s hard to tell sometimes.”

Rodgers said he no longer had to brace himself for the inevitable questions from his patients first thing Monday morning about how he managed to get back for a morning appointment when his son played two or three time zones away the day before.

Now the people whose pain he is relieving reciprocate by not inquiring about Aaron. And when they do, Rodgers’s father tends to keep his answers short.

“It’s complicated,” he said. He spoke haltingly, but hopefully, adding, “We’re all hoping for the best.”


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