The Internet Found It Amusing AF That The Packers Fired Mike McCarthy On Aaron Rodgers’ Birthday


Aaron Rodgers celebrated his 35th birthday today and all he got was a pathetic home loss to the crappy Arizona Cardinals… or so he thought. That’s because, following the embarrassing defeat in a very snowy Lambeau Field, the Green Bay Packers decided to fire longtime head coach Mike McCarthy, who had been on the hot seat following the team’s underachieving season.

Now, I’m not saying Aaron Rodgers got his birthday wish or anything, but, well, yeah I am, because the past few weeks had given us reports that McCarthy and his future Hall of Fame quarterback were not on the same page, to say the least. From Rodgers and his now former head coach allegedlyย arguing about play calls to the signal-caller openly criticizing McCarthy, there was a definite power struggle between the two guys. So, to think that Aaron Rodgers his happy to see McCarthy go is probably an understatement.

Naturally, because the Internet always seems to win, people on Twitter found it ironic, funny and amusing AF that all of this happened on Aaron Rodgers’ birthday, with people pointing out the fact that the Super Bowl winning QB got the best birthday present of all โ€” his coach canned. Take a look at some of the comments.

Look, Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy may have had some great times together โ€” like winning a Super Bowl โ€” but it sure seems like a helluva long time ago that they saw much success, so the move was probably welcomed by Rodgers. And, c’mon, it’s pretty hilarious that it happened on his birthday, too, so good job, people of the Internet, you never cease to entertain.

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