Aaron Rodgers Simply CANNOT Keep His Hands Off Of Olivia Munn’s Ass

Aaron Rodgers has always had tremendous touch.

The last time we checked on super couple Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn Aaron couldn’t keep his hands off Olivia’s ass at the NFL Honors.

Fast forward to Sunday night at an Oscars party and wouldn’t you know it, Rodgers still has his hand on Olivia Munn’s ass on the red carpet. Bro’s hand is absolutely magnetized to that thing. Maybe that’s why he has such accuracy with the football. Or is it vice versa?

Regardless, the last time we saw this out of Rodgers I imagined what the conversation was like. Let’s do that again, shall we?

That’s an NFL MVP hand on your ass, right there, Olivia.
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I know it is, Aaron. Are you going to do this on EVERY red carpet?
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Fuckin’-A right I am. This is the offseason so that no sex on Sundays thing is out the window.
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Remind me to stop inviting you to these things.
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