Aaron Rodgers May Remember Every One Of His 89 Career Interceptions, Goes Into Precise Detail About One From 2008

aaron rodgers remembers all career interceptions

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Aaron Rodgers is a freak athlete. He has a cannon for a right arm and at 6-foot-2, 225lbs he’s quick on his feet. The majority of good quarterbacks out there have strong arms and the ability to run, but what makes them, them and Rodgers, Rodgers is his mental game.

Things are clicking at an extremely high-level between the ears for Rodgers. He makes playing quarterback in the NFL look easy always looking calm and collected while players on the other side of the ball are trying to rip his head off.

Rodgers offered up yet another example of how his gifted football brain works, but this time it was away from the field.

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The Green Bay quarterback has only thrown 89 career interceptions on 6,587 pass attempts. The man has thrown a lot of footballs in his day, but it’s the interceptions that apparently stick with him. Based on his recent recall of a pick he threw against the Bears back in 2008, he may remember all 89 of his interceptions with incredible detail.


It’s not an arduous task to watch all of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ career interceptions. There are only 89 of them over 16 NFL regular seasons, and the technology is readily available. There’s one, however, that seems to have escaped the permanence of NFL Game Pass (whose archives only go back to 2009), ESPN.com’s video database and even the infinitude of YouTube.

It’s career interception No. 7 from way back in 2008, Rodgers’ first season as a starter. No need for video, however, when Rodgers can describe exactly how then-Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher got him. “He duped me,” Rodgers recalled for ESPN on New Year’s Eve as he drove home from Lambeau Field. “He kind of no-looked me. He looked like he was going to come down, and then he wheeled up and made a nice play on the ball down the seam. It wasn’t a great throw by any means, but he was messing with me on that one.”

This isn’t some re-posted story, this story was published on January 14 of 2021 and Rodgers has that sort of recall about a pick he threw 13 years ago. Either this man has some sort of otherworldly memory or he goes back into the archives and rewatches his interceptions over and over again. Given his ability with a football in his hand, I’m going to say he just has an otherworldy memory.