Adam Schefter Forced To Apologize For Accidentally Clowning On The WNBA

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If you scroll through NFL Insider Adam Schefter’s Twitter feed, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything not pertaining to NFL football. Football is literally his entire job, which is why he’s been able to get scoops father than Baskin-Robbins.

It’s safe to assume that Schefty knows as much about any other major sport as Andy Reid knows about veganism.

In the run-up to the NFL Draft on Thursday night, an excited Mr. Schefter tweeted a sentence he never in a million years thought he’d have to apologize for.

Tisk, tisk, Adam.

You, a football specialist by trade, forgot about the WNBA Draft a week ago.

The tweet prompted a piece from DeArbea Walker of Deadspin titled, Misogyny Was Taken Early In The First Round Of The NFL Draft, blasting Schefty for failing to recognize a six-year high in WNBA Draft ratings averaging 387,000 viewers on ESPN, up 59% from last year. Deadspin live-tweeted the NFL Draft picks, but did not do so for its lady counterparts.

Others shamed Schefty for his inadvertent undermining of women’s sports.

Schefty, once again a football guy, received so much backlash that he issued an apology to those pretended to watch the WNBA Draft.

The damage to the WNBA Schefty dished out here pales in comparison to this one clip from Family Guy.

Good lord.

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