Adam Silver Jokes About Recruiting Adam Sandler To Address Ja Morant’s Gun Issues

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

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Most sports fans are familiar with the various duties that come with being the commissioner of a major league, but it’s hard to paint an accurate picture of exactly what a day in the life of one of those people looks like.

However, based on what I know about what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has had to deal with since replacing David Stern in 2016, I imagine a good chunk of his existence involves picking up his phone or having an aide whisper into his year only to put his head into his hands and utter, “Wait, he did what?”

It’s safe to assume Ja Morant has been the impetus for that kind of reaction multiple times over the course of a year where the embattled Grizzlies guard has repeatedly found himself in hot water for his actions off of the court.

The most notable incidents involve the multiple instances where Morant was seen flashing a gun on Instagram, as he was forced to serve an eight-game suspension and is currently on the verge of getting hit with an even more severe punishment after proving he’d learned nothing from his first misstep in May.

Silver has essentially said the NBA has already decided what it plans to do but has opted to wait until the NBA Finals wrap up in order to avoid distracting from the championship showdown. However, that hasn’t stopped him from repeatedly referencing the situation in recent weeks.

On Thursday, Silver made an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show to discuss a number of topics during a conversation where he provided a bit more insight into how the NBA has grappled with the fallout of Morant’s latest incident.

Toward the end of the interview, the two men also discussed rules concerning carrying violations and agreed noted pick-up basketball aficionado Adam Sandler is a serial offender on that particular front.

Patrick joked he might recruit the actor to film an “anti-carrying” PSA, and Silver was unable to resist the urge to crack a joke at Morant’s expense by noting “It could have a double meaning.”

Well played.

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