Adidas Sent Money Emoji Cleats To The Nebraska Football Team Which Is The Closest Players Will Come To Getting Paid

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The NCAA has a long-standing policy of doing everything it can to make sure its athletes can’t profit off of their performance on the field, going as far to ban a UCF football player who had the nerve to simultaneously play a sport, study, and run a successful YouTube channel to make up for the fact he’s not allowed to put too much cream cheese on a bagel because it could be considered an impermissible benefit.

The debate about whether or not college athletes should be paid to play is as divisive as it is complex, but in most cases, they have to settle for a scholarship, the tracksuit every player seems to wear to class, and whatever swag they might get from competing in big games and tournaments. If they’re really lucky, they might even be able to rock a championship ring (even if their team didn’t really win a championship).

Most members of the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team might not be flush in cash, but thanks to Adidas, they now have the next best thing. A few months ago, the company revealed a line of emoji-covered cleats that look so much better than they have any right to be, and they recently sent some shoes covered in flying stacks of cash to the squad that can only be described with another emoji:

fire flame emoji


The school shared a picture of a pair of cleats I now want to own despite the fact that I don’t play football:

They also posted a few shots of their slightly less exciting standard issue cleats:

Boo boring red and white shoes! Horray money emoji cleats!

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