Here Is A List Of The Swag College Football Players Will Be Gifted By Bowl Sponsors

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College football revenue year-over-year hovers around 3 billion dollars. Speaking in more appropriate terms, that amounts to 300 million cases of Natty Lite. My oh my. This allows for coaches like Nick Saban to make $11 million a year, more than almost any coach on the planet, including the legendary Bill Belichick. The players? Well, they get cool gear, and some low-key ‘gifts’ from boosters, and possibly some CTE. But there’s a reason why Marcus Dupree, one of the best college football players to ever live, is now a licensed truck driver.

If a college football player’s team is lucky enough to go to a Bowl game, they will receive gifts of varying values by the sponsors hosting the games. As Kentucky Sports Radio points out, last year, Kentucky players each got a bobblehead of themselves from the TaxSlayer Bowl. This year, they’ll play in Nashville’s Music City Bowl and receive a fossil watch and a trip to the gift suite (where they’ll be able to shop up to $550 per player, NCAA rules mandate.) Schools can also add up to $400 for each player, bumping their allowance up to $950.

The folks over at Sports Business Daily compiled a list of gifts each team will receive for its corresponding Bowl game. Check out some of them below.

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