Adrian Peterson All Doped Up And Singing After His Knee Surgery Is Pretty Hilarious

Adrian Peterson’s wife Ashley thought it would be funny to film him all doped up and singing after he came out of knee surgery. Turns out she was 100% right.

Now we’ve seen a lot of funny drugged-fueled behavior following various surgery videos, but I think this might be the first time we’ve seen it with a major superstar.

“No, this is me doped up! I didn’t remember this video, my mother said to me ‘you were singing after surgery’ the look on my face! But clearly my wife recorded me after waking up from anesthesia! Not cool but nevertheless hilarious! To God be the glory !!!” Peterson captioned the funny video.

Peterson also shared another funny video yesterday where he explained why he has to wear a knee brace in the car while his wife drives because she’s so all over the place.

“I’m with an Indy 500 competitor, thanks Danica Patrick! she means well though,” Peterson captioned the video.

Good stuff, AP. Hope to see you back on the gridiron real soon.

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