An AHL Line Brawl Resulted In 250 Minutes Worth Of Penalties And A Second Line Brawl

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I’m sure not many of you bros out there were strapped to your couches yesterday to watch the AHL matchup between the Albany Devils and Bridgeport Sounders, but this video reinforces my belief that the more AHL hockey you have in your life, the better your life will be. Do I watch AHL games for demonstrations of skills or professional level game quality? Fuck no. I watch it for fights and moments that have no place in the NHL. Like this line brawl in last night’s game that ended with six ejections, 250 combined penalty minutes and two coaches having to be held apart by their own players.

Oh baby. Somebody hit someone. Imagine being in the arena for that one? Electric. AHL hockey is pretty much the same thing as NASCAR in that no one really watches it for the reasons they should but instead watch in case something bad happens, like a car crash.

For further proof of the far-reaching ramifications of this fight on the remainder of the game, here are just a few of the penalties and ejections as a result of the brawl.


And we haven’t even gotten to the best part. After the first fight ended, a different line of players got into a second fight after one of the Devils flattened the Sounders’ goalie. And no, I don’t know any of their name, because they’re in the AHL.

Bananas. Also, hot take, that announcer has one of the top 5 worst voices of all time, let alone in sports. How does someone who sounds like that get a job where literally the only qualification is to not sound like that?

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