Troll Tide! Alabama Fans (Or People Posing As Them) Actually Called For Nick Saban’s Firing After Loss To LSU

Alabama Fans Called For Nick Sabans Firing After Loss To LSU

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I didn’t think there could possibly be a football fanbase more insufferable than the New England Patriots’ fanbase. I may have been wrong.

After seeing the reactions of several alleged Crimson Tide fans following their 46-41 loss to the #1 ranked LSU Tigers, the University of Alabama may have an even more entitled fanbase.

I say that because, as hard as it might be to believe, some fans actually called for the school to fire head coach Nick Saban.

Yes, that Nick Saban. The one who is now 149-22 (87.1%) with five national championships as the head coach of the Crimson Tide (plus one more at LSU) and is widely viewed as the greatest college football coach of all time.

The loss to LSU was Alabama’s fifth defeat under Saban – in the last five seasons – so it’s completely understandable that Alabama fans would be calling for his head, right? Not.

This is the equivalent of Patriots fans saying Bill Belichik should be fired because New England lost to the now 7-2 Baltimore Ravens.

And speaking of the Baltimore Ravens, their star running back Mark Ingram (Alabama 2008-2010) blamed President Trump being in attendance at the game on Saturday for the loss. And his take was one of the more reasonable ones following the loss.


I am putting it at 50-50 on people making jokes versus legitimately angry Alabama fans wo actually want to see the man fired. Or am I giving Crimson Tide fans too much credit?

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