Alex Ovechkin Was Benched For A Game Because He Did Something We All Do ‘Accidentally’ To Get Out Of Work

alex ovechkin

He hasn’t played in a Stanley Cup Final before—sorry for the dig—but there’s no denying that Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is one of the top-5 hockey players on the planet.

That is, when he’s on the ice, of course.

Unfortunately, Ovi was absent from his team’s game last night because he missed practice on Tuesday morning due “personal reasons.”

So was the guy involved in some family drama? Did he have explosive diarrhea that the team was helping him cover up? Did he need to see the dentist to get his fake teeth realigned? Sadly, it was just that the three-time league MVP had set his alarm for the P.M. and not the A.M.

// mistake, and one that we all do “accidentally” to get out of work when we just stayed up too late. In fact, it’s an excuse that seems to always work at least once or twice a year, so we should really take advantage of it more often. Here’s what the boss man AKA Caps head coach Barry Trotz had to say about the punishment, via Monumental Sports Network

“We have certain accountability rules… We tried to not make a big deal of it [Tuesday] because it was a game day.”

With the Capitals getting blown out by the San Jose Sharks 5-0, the team obviously could have used the services of Ovechkin, who had a lighthearted tone following the team’s loss:


It won’t be as funny if Washington misses out on the postseason by one game because their superstar had a brainfart and didn’t set his alarm clock correctly. Just sayin’, it could happen.

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