Alexander Volkanovski Reveals What Might Have Drove Khabib Away From Coaching And How Colby Covington Saved His Career

Alexander Volkanovski

Getty Image / Chris Unger

Alexander Volkanovski is currently the number two ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

After putting on a spectacular performance against Islam Makhachev, the featherweight champion is still a powerhouse in the organization despite losing his last fight.

Volkanovski sat down with Steve-O and hashed it out for over an hour.

During their conversation, two interesting topics arose. First, Alexander Volkanovski and Steve-O ponder the reason why Khabib Nurmagomedov stepped away from coaching. The second, the current champ discusses what saved Colby Covington’s career.

While discussing his last bout, Steve-O mentions how Volkanovski’s stock rose after the fight while Makhachev’s stock went down.

From there, they make a possible connection with Khabib and wonder if that might be the real reason why he stepped away from coaching.

Alexander Volkanovski is smart to avoid the speculative thought process of Steve-O. Instead, the featherweight champ just details how he focused on himself and surprised everybody who doubted him.

Still, though, it’s kind of a solid question, as Volkanovski even sees the connection. Despite that, reports claim the reason Khabib Nurmagomedov stopped coaching was to spend more time with family, per CBS Sports.

Meanwhile, there is a moment where Volkanovski discusses Colby Covington’s career. Steve-O mentions how some fighters use trash talk, while some are quieter.

Covington has become very well-known amongst UFC fans due to his trash-talking ways. While Alexander Volkanovski isn’t much of a trash-talker, he does think it works for some fighters to rise in the sport.

At least that’s how he felt about Colby Covington.

Some of the biggest stars in the UFC are the biggest trash-talkers. Conor McGregor used his talking abilities and knockout power to reach a level of stardom most MMA fighters didn’t know was possible.

So, it’s not really a knock on Covington. It’s just not Alexander Volkanovski’s style.

In the end, it was a solid interview and is entertaining throughout. When you have a chance, go ahead and watch the full episode!