Andre Drummond Gets All-Star Level Video Starring President Obama To Help Get An All-Star Game Bid, And It’s Freakin’ Awesome


Getty Image

Look, now that Dwight Howard has forgotten what it takes to be the best center in the NBA, I have no bones declaring that Detroit Pistons big man Andre Drummond has snatched that title away from D12 as if it were one of the many rebounds he grabs every game.

Still, Drummond doesn’t often get that respect because a) he plays for the perennial shitty Pistons b) no one watches Pistons games c) the city of Detroit is still, you know, the city of Detroit and d) centers are a dying breed in the league.

Averaging 18.1 points and 16 boards per game, the Pistons wanted to make sure he doesn’t miss out on his first trip to this year’s All-Star Game, putting together a nasty ass campaign that involves a mashup of President Obama singing Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.”

Obama might have one year left in office, but it looks like the Pistons believe he’d give Drummond his vote for President of the Eastern Conference Center—and would do a hell of a job to serve and protect the rim.

[H/T SB Nation]

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