Uncovering The Mystery Seventh Cheese In Andy Reid’s Now Legendary Super Bowl Media Day Mac And Cheese Recipe

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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is considered one of the best coaches in the entire NFL.

Reid, now in his 10th season in Kansas City, is looking to win his second Super Bowl with the Chiefs and is going to make his fourth appearance in the big game.

But beyond that, Reid is considered one of the game’s nicest and most affable personalities.

Reid, who is 64 years old, is almost always willing to chat and by all accounts treats everyone he comes across as if they were a longtime friend.

Take, for instance, this old interaction with YahooSports NFL writer Charles McDonald.

The tweet from 2018 reads: “I met Andy Reid at the airport today. somehow we had a long talk about thanksgiving foods and he gave me the cheeses he uses in his mac and cheese recipe.

The cheeses included were: grated fontina, grated mozzarella, grated parmesan, grated sharp cheddar, gruyere and gouda,

Reid’s a pretty sizable guy. And he’s almost always willing to talk to food. So that it came up in conversation is no surprise. But no one expected Reid would actually remember the nearly five-year-old conversation.

As it turns out, we were all wrong.

McDonald was at Super Bowl media day on Monday even and asked Reid if he remembered the encounter. The Kansas City head coach smiled and recalled it fondly.

Andy Reid Is Hiding Something About His Mac And Cheese Recipe

But one thing caught our attention about his answer.

“Yeah, there were seven of them,” Reid said before failing to actually list them off.

Seven cheeses, he says. And yet in McDonald’s original list there are just six cheeses. Is Reid holding out? Is he intentionally not revealing a seventh ingredient to protect the Reid Family mac recipe?

People loved the wholesome interaction.

But we here at BroBible are truth seekers. So I went rummaging the internet. As far as we can tell, the only recipe online is the one McDonald shared. So what could the seventh cheese be?

You can rule out all the staples. Reid included just about every typical cheese you would. Also, as a gourmand, you can rule out American cheese because Reid clearly has taste. There are plenty of local options. A Galen’s Good Old or Stella Fontinella would pair well.

But there’s likely a more obvious answer. Reid’s initial recipe calls for grated sharp cheddar. While sharp cheddar can be either white or yellow (it’s just food dye that changes it), it’s more often yellow. Whereas plenty of macs call for a more mild white cheddar.

We can confirm it, but our best guess is that Reid is using multiple types of ched in his mac. What we do know is that we’ve got to try Big Red’s mac recipe ASAP.