Antonio Brown Offers Comical Amount Of Money To Cam Newton So He’ll Join His Arena League Team

Antonio Brown

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Image

Antonio Brown, the controversial wide receiver, has extended a lucrative offer to former NFL MVP Cam Newton to join his Arena Football team, the Albany Empire.

Brown took to Twitter on Sunday to make the announcement, expressing his desire for Newton to throw him a touchdown and emphasizing that this is their opportunity to make it happen.

Speculation surrounding Newton’s potential involvement with the Albany Empire had been circulating for some time, but Brown’s tweet has now brought the matter to the forefront.

The offer includes a sum of $150,000 for Newton to participate in a single game of the Arena Football league.

Brown, who had initially intended to play for his team on Saturday, was unable to do so due to missing the deadline for submitting the required paperwork related to his physical condition.

Consequently, he now aims to make his debut with the Empire in the upcoming June game.

Although Brown was listed on the team’s 25-man roster for Saturday’s match, he was ultimately named one of the four inactive players.

“Stay tuned, AB’s coming. There are proper procedures you’ve got to follow to play football,” Brown affirmed, hinting at the necessary protocols that delayed his own debut.

Since the conclusion of the 2021 season, Cam Newton has remained without a team, and as the 2023 season approaches, it appears increasingly unlikely that he will make a return to the NFL.

Newton’s most recent full-time starting role, with the New England Patriots in 2020, was met with mixed results as he struggled to find success as a passer.

Antonio Brown’s involvement with the Albany Empire goes beyond the field, as he recently acquired an ownership interest in the team. The Empire serves as the successor to the indoor football team that Brown’s father, “Touchdown” Eddie Brown, once played for.

Eddie Brown currently holds the position of general manager for the team, and Antonio’s decision to join the roster stems from his desire to uplift a struggling franchise, both in terms of attendance and on-field performance.