Arch Manning Could Make A Fortune As A Freshman In College Following New NIL Rule, Per Report

Arch Manning Benched Touchdowns

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  • Arch Manning, the son of Cooper Manning and nephew of Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, is a highly-coveted QB prospect from New Orleans
  • With so many college football programs vying for his services in a couple years, many are wondering where the signal-caller may end up
  • Regardless of where he ends up, Darren Rovell believes Arch could earn up to $10 million as a freshman thanks to the new NIL rule that allows student-athletes the opportunity to profit from their likeness

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know all about Arch Manning. As the son of Cooper Manning, and nephew of both Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, the teenager has garnered national attention thanks to his quarterbacking skills and family pedigree. It’s why so many people have their eyes on the blue chip prospect from the Isidore Newman School near New Orleans — because he’s projected to be the next great football player from the famous football family.

Although Arch is only entering his junior year of high school, there’s already plenty of speculation about where he may decide to go to college in a couple of years. Some think it could be Texas. Some see him following in the footsteps of his dad, Uncle Eli and grandpa by going to Ole Miss. And others foresee him choosing the most prominent program like Clemson or Alabama.

No matter where Arch Manning ends up, though, the new NIL rule could benefit him in a big way. The rule now allows student-athletes to profit off of their likeness, with many players in various college sports already starting to cash in.

Given Arch’s last name, talent and popularity, at least one person thinks the NIL rule could lead to millions for the young Manning — with Darren Rovell projecting $10 million as a college freshman. Here’s what the well-known sports business reporter had to say during a Thursday appearance on The Dan Patrick Show.

“Arch Manning I could see making $10 Million as a freshman in college,” Rovell said during an interview with Dan Patrick on Thursday. “Everyone who had Peyton and Eli are gonna wanna sign him. … When you say, ‘Who’s the guy who’s gonna come in and blow this thing up?’ That’s the guy who I think of. But he’s got two years to go.”

That’s absolutely absurd to think about, but with the new NIL rule — and the fact that Arch Manning already has the family pedigree — Darren Rovell might not be too far off with this $10 million prediction. Gone are the days of student-athletes waiting to reach the pros to cash in, as some will do it the second they step foot on a college campus; if not before.

The NIL rule forever changes college sports. Nobody knows how, or if it’ll be good or bad, but a new era has officially been ushered in. It means more financial opportunities for college athletes, many of whom would’ve made millions for a university via ticket sales, apparel, etc.

So a player like Arch Manning presumably has millions now waiting for him the minute he becomes an NCAA athlete, which is something none of his famous family members ever had the opportunity to have back in the day.

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