Former Arizona Cardinals GM Makes Surprising Comment About DeAndre Hopkins

Arizona Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Christian Petersen

After more than a month of reports about the Arizona Cardinals trying to trade DeAndre Hopkins, but there seemingly hasn’t been much movement on a deal actually happen.

There are a few reasons that have seemed to be responsible for the lack of interest in Hopkins.

Hopkins is 30, has a pretty big contract, and his value may have been hurt by another wide receiver trade that was made this offseason.

The Houston Texans traded Brandin Cooks to the Dallas Cowboys for a 5th-round pick and a 6th rounder. The Cardinals are reportedly looking for a 2nd round pick for Hopkins.

Still, the team’s former general manager doesn’t think it’s the draft capital they’re looking for that is responsible for their difficulty trading Hopkins.

Steve Keim revealed on the Green Light podcast that he thinks it’s Hopkins’ contract that is causing them so much trouble.

Here’s the problem. The problem is his current contract. . . . Hop was his own agent, and I can tell you that wasn’t the easiest [negotiation] in the world. Between him and Larry Fitzgerald, that put all the grey on my beard.

He’s not wrong about the contract. Hopkins carries the league’s biggest cap hit at the position in 2023 and has the 8th biggest cap hit in 2024.

However, it seems like a strange move to talk about how difficult it was to negotiate with a player that you are trying to trade and who could be looking for a new deal wherever he ends up. It kind of feels like that’s something that would make teams a bit more reluctant to make a deal.

It seems like we are definitely going to see Hopkins traded this offseason, but the Arizona Cardinals aren’t doing themselves any favors by openly discussing things that could prevent them from getting the return they are looking for.