Arizona Cardinals Star Requests Trade

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Getty Image / Kevin Abele

It’s starting to look like all of those changes the Arizona Cardinals made to their coaching staff and front office haven’t really made much of a difference for the organization.

They were widely mocked after a report revealed they are the only team in the NFL that still charges players for meals.

Then there were allegations of misconduct against the team’s owner.

Now one of their stars wants out of the organization.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, star Cardinals safety Budda Baker has requested a trade.

This report comes after Baker’s Twitter account got some attention earlier today because he had removed “AZ” from his bio.

According to Schefter, this is something that has been coming for a while. He reported that Baker told the Cardinals back in February that he either wanted to be made the highest paid safety in the NFL or be traded.

Right now, the league’s biggest safety contract belongs to Derwin James, who makes $19 million per year. Baker’s current deal doesn’t quite reach that level, but he is still in the top 10 of highest paid safeties.

Baker makes the 7th most monet at the position at $14.75 million dollars per year.

With the Cardinals attempting to rebuild right now, it appears they were unwilling to give Baker the contract he was looking for.

Now they’ll find themselves looking to trade another one of their stars as they are already struggling to trade DeAndre Hopkins.

It appears the Arizona Cardinals are going to have to really commit to their rebuild now.