An Artist Is Drawing Jimmy Garoppolo Every Day Until The 49ers Trade Him And They’re Fantastic

An Artist Is Drawing Jimmy Garoppolo Every Day Until 49ers Trade Him

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  • By most accounts, Jimmy Garoppolo is going to be traded at some point by the 49ers.
  • Because of that, one artist has been creating drawings of the quarterback and will do so every day until that happens.
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According to just about every NFL insider and journalist, Jimmy Garoppolo’s days as a member of the 49ers are numbered.

It’s not like he’s done poorly since coming over from the New England Patriots and signing a five-year deal worth $137.5 million with San Francisco. The Eastern Illinois University product has gone 31-14 as a starter and has a stellar 98.3 QB rating. It’s just that the 49ers seem to think Trey Lance is their future at quarterback.

After all, the Niners took Trey Lance with the third overall pick in the 2021 Draft, despite him only playing in one game in 2020 at North Dakota State (the same school Carson Wentz attended) due to the pandemic.

None of which explains why one artist from Portugal, Rita Carvalho, has been drawing Jimmy Garappolo for 69 straight days and will continue to do so until the day the 49ers finally trade him to another team.

For that we have to go to a recent report by NBC Bay Area News.

“I’m blown away because I never expected when I started this journey, I was just doing these drawings, one every day because I really like Jimmy,” said Carvalho. And now we’re here talking and people are loving it, and they want more.”

The artist especially likes placing Jimmy Garoppolo into various pop culture moments

She also spoke with ABC7 News.

“I started doing these just for fun,” she said. “It all started when my boyfriend asked me to do a good bye and thank you to Jimmy illustration and it got a lot of love and people really liked it so I started drawing Jimmy G every day until he gets traded.”

Check out some of her best Jimmy G artwork below…

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