Baker Mayfield Continues Attack On Colin Cowherd, Calls Him A ‘Liar’ Who ‘Needs To Be Put In His Place’

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Baker Mayfield has always played with a huge chip on his shoulder, which helped him go from walk-on at Texas Tech, to a Heisman Trophy winner at Oklahoma after transferring, to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and, more recently, a trendy pick to become the next star quarterback in the NFL. It’s been a long road for the Cleveland Browns signal-caller, and he doesn’t seem to be letting anyone stand in his way of getting to where he wants to be — especially a sports talk host like Colin Cowherd.

The Baker Mayfield and Colin Cowherd feud has been well-documented over the past year or so, with the young player making a visit last summer to clear the air a bit about some of Cowherd’s criticisms. After calming a bit through the NFL season, the thing has reignited in a big way recently, with Cowherd taking aim at the Browns, Baker’s new teammate Odell Beckham Jr., and, generally speaking, just talking crap overall. That led Mayfield to making shirts bashing Cowherd, which are sure to be seen a lot in Cleveland.

And then there’s this: The most recent interview that Baker Mayfield did with Complex Sports that absolutely put Colin Cowherd on blast, with the signal-caller going as far as calling the radio host a “liar” who “needs to be put in his place.” Take a look at the full quote below:

“You know, there’s people like that who are really abusing their position. Abusing a platform to a point where people are going to listen to it. He’s supposed to bring out facts and he chooses to put out irrational opinions. People can say what they want, they can say I’m not really supposed to comment on this but a liar is a liar and a guy that is really just full of it needs to be put in his place.

Well, doesn’t seem like Mayfield is holding back on his true feelings, huh? The young quarterback didn’t stop there, as Baker Mayfield came to the defense of his teammates, adding this to say.

“I’ll be the first one to tell you I’m not always right. I know my flaws and I’d love for people to correct me so I get better. He’s (Cowherd) a guy who thinks he’s always right. He throws people names under the bus. He can say what he wants about me, but as soon as he starts talking about my teammates, that’s when I have a problem.”

When asked about Odell Beckham Jr., Mayfield gushed about what he brings to the Browns, and, again, defended some of the slack the All-Pro wideout has gotten from some in the media.

“I’ve gotten to know him because he was teammates with college teammate, Sterling Shepard, so I’ve talked to him a couple times throughout the years. He loves the game. People are going to have their perceptions on him. He’s a real life superstar. Everybody has a different opinion on him but who he is behind closed doors without everyone judging him, he’s a great guy, he’s a family guy, great values. He loves to work, he loves to earn everything he’s going to get and that’s the mentality you want to have.”

It sure sounds as if Baker Mayfield doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks about him, his teammates or the Cleveland Browns, which follows the mantra of his head coach, Freddie Kitchens, who pronounced that “if you do not wear brown and orange, you do not matter.” Seems like Mayfield’s taken that motto to a whole new level given his recent comments.

(H/T Complex)