This Baltimore Ravens Wedding Cake Topper Probably Not A Top Seller After Ray Rice Situation


This is a real thing for sale on Etsy. It costs $65. Hooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit. That is unfortunate.

Looking for a unique and funny, yet still elegant wedding cake topper? Here you go, football fans!

The humorous resin-like bride and groom rest atop a 6-inch round plastic professional cake topper base, which has four round “feet” on the bottom for superb cake placement and lift. The topper stands very roughly 5 1/2 inches tall.

She’s reaching out desperately to her beloved team, but he’s having none of it and is trying to pull her away from her team helmet and football… OR, perhaps he’s trying to pull over to “his side” and team – it all depends on your personal situation! Humorous, dazed looks on both of their faces. Too cute!

Man. You try to make a silly cake topper and bring football into the fold and Ray Rice goes and does something stupid, making your product seem in remarkably poor taste. Classic tale of wedding accessory woe.

A similar incident happened when the San Diego Chargers offering mysteriously appeared out of stock as soon as the team drafted Manti Te’o.

[H/T: Etsy]

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