Richard Branson And Barack Obama Had A KiteBoarding Contest To See Who Could Stay Up On The Board Longer

Former POTUS Barack Obama has been relaxing at Necker Island, the private island in the BVI’s owned by billionaire Richard Branson. During his first vacation with the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders Barack Obama has been learning to kiteboard.

If you’re not familiar with kiteboarding it’s quasi-similar to wakeboarding, only instead of being pulled by a boat the person on the board us attached to a kite and harnesses the power of the wind to pull them along. In a spot of friendly competition, Barack Obama and Richard Branson had a competition to see who could stay up on the board for a longer distance and the former POTUS won, 50m to 100m.

There are a ton of photographs from Barack Obama’s stay on Necker Island HERE on, where Richard Branson just put up a recap of their vacation together.

These two aging bros also tested out the foilboards, which is VERY different from the traditional ride on a surfboard or kiteboard. So if you want to see some pictures from former President Obama riding on the foilboard (or hydrofoil) then just follow that link above!

(h/t RSVLTS)