Bart Scott Calls Carson Wentz ‘Fool’s Gold’ After Claiming College Teams Could Beat The Browns

Philadelphia is dickhard over their second overall pick, Carson Wentz. The North Dakota State graduate has led the birds to two wins over the NFL’s most incompetant–the Browns and Bears–throwing for a combined 468 yards and three TDs. You can’t really blame Philly for their initial excitement over Wentz, stability at the QB position is a void they desperately needed filled and Wentz looks to have the tools and poise to succeed in the league.

But Bart Scott isn’t punching his ticket on the Wentz bandwagon quite yet. The former Jets and Ravens linebacker joined the DA Show on CBS Sports and cut Wentz down to size, while shitting on the poor Browns.

“Come on, man. Fool’s gold. He’s played the JV. He could play Towson University and get a harder challenge than playing those two teams.

“It’s easy to make good throws when there’s nobody there in your face. There’s no threat. There’s no imminent threat of danger. He’s going to be under pressure. He’s going to be under stressful situations. Come on, man. We could go right now. We could get the University of Louisville or Houston, and they could beat the Browns.”

The Eagles will face a much stingier defense today in the Pittsburgh Steelers, a test Bart Scott believes Wentz will struggle with.

“He’s played traditional 4-3 teams. It’s going to be a little bit difficult. There’s going to be a little trickeration this week. There’s going to be a lot of pressure to put up 40 points because Ben’s going to sling that thing. This week, he’s going to have to be aggressive and he’s going to have to take chances. It’s not like this Pittsburgh Steelers defense is a great defense by any stretch of the imagination, especially in the secondary. But they’re going to create traps for him. They’re going to play with his eyes. The safeties are going to move up and back. Mike Mitchell is a veteran safety. … He’s going to feel the pressure trying to keep up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Believe that.”

The Eagles will take on the Steelers today at Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field at 4:25 PM EST and this will all work itself out.

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