‘Behind The Scenes Of Every Pool Trick Shot Video’ Makes A Mockery Of Trick Shot Videos

by 5 years ago

Trick shot videos are THE WORST. I know full well that I say that after personally posting close to 100 of them over the last six years, but for the most part, that statement is 100% true. You have your exceptions, of course, but the vast majority of trick shot videos are shit…PURE SHIT.

When I first opened the tip email with this video in it, I thought I was going to see the laborious process trick shot “artists” go through in an effort to make one video. When the video began playing, however, the video was something else entirely. For a second, I almost thought that it was real — I say “almost” because the ring leader of this neighborhood crew “Da Gorillas” looked a little too old and was going a little too bald to actually be spending his weekends doing this type of shit — but then the parody of it all set in.

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