Ben McAdoo Names The Panthers’ Starting QB Then Hilariously Backtracks Immediately Afterward

Ben McAdoo Names The Panthers' Starting QB Then Hilariously Backtracks Immediately Afterward

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  • New Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was asked about his starting quarterback and gave an immediate answer
  • He then hilariously backtracked as the Panthers are tied to a possible move for Baker Mayfield and are reportedly considering multiple QBs
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The Carolina Panthers currently have Sam Darnold listed as QB 1 on just about every depth chart. But the recent NFC South bottom feeders also have the #6 NFL Draft pick and they are linked to a possible trade for Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield, all things that offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is well aware of.

Ben McAdoo spoke with reporters earlier today and told ESPN’s David Newton who he believes is the team’s starting quarterback. When asked of Sam Darnold was the starter he didn’t skip a beat and said ‘yes’.

Upon realizing that he just exposed the Carolina Panthers’ potential draft and trade strategy to the NFL world he started backtracking that a bit and even spoke the words “that is something I shouldn’t have said.” Later, he declined to answer any questions about Baker Mayfield.

Ben McAdoo Names The Panthers’ Starting QB Then Hilariously Backtracks

Here’s how it all went down:

Sees an avenue to win the NFC South with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers?!

What About Baker Mayfield?

In recent days the Carolina Panthers have been the frontrunners to land former Browns starter Baker Mayfield. The Panthers have also apparently done due diligence on Jimmy Garpolo and aren’t 100% set on Baker Mayfield.

Considering all of these recent reports, the fact that the team’s offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo didn’t even skip a beat when he said Sam Darnold was their guy is pretty intriguing. If anyone on the ground would have Baker Mayfield at the forefront of his mind it would likely be the OC who would be strategizing around a Mayfield offense.

NFL Fans Joke About Ben McAdoo’s Misstep

Are the Carolina Panthers serious about acquiring Baker Mayfield from Cleveland? If they are, will Baker come in as the backup to Sam Darnold? Is Ben McAdoo playing Checkers or Chess? Let us know what you think in the Facebook comments or on Twitter at @brobible.