A Bar In New Jersey Is Offering Free Beer When Ben Simmons Makes His First Three-Pointer In The NBA

ben simmons free beer three pointer

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One would think being able to shoot a basketball is a prerequisite for making it to the NBA—unless you happen to be tall enough to get a concussion because you hit your head on a ceiling—but a lack of any semblance of a jump shot was apparently not enough to dissuade the 76ers from picking up Ben Simmons with the first pick in the 2016 draft.

In fairness to Simmons, he’s fared pretty well in the league so far, as he managed to win Rookie of the Year honors after sitting out what would have been his first season due to injury and earned a position on the All-Star team last year.

However, those accolades don’t cancel out the fact that he can’t shoot for shit—a reality he admitted earlier this week.

Simmons has been doing what he can to improve his game, and over the summer, he caused the internet to collectively lose its mind when a video of him hitting a three-pointer while practicing made the rounds.

People freaked out even more when he managed to hit a trey during a preseason game but he still hasn’t put his recently developed skills to the test in a meaningful contest.

There’s no doubt the 76ers would love to see him successfully pull up from deep every now and again, and now, fans have more incentive to cheer for him to do exactly that thanks to a bar in New Jersey that will be offering free beer when Simmons manages to hit a shot from deep.

According to NBC Sports, Double Nickel Brewing Co. has teamed up with the Keg & Kitchen bar in Pennsauken to follow in the footsteps of Bud Light by putting beer inside a locked fridge that will be opened and have its contents distributed for free when the 76er nails a three-pointer.

The fridge contains a variety of beer styles, none of which are stouts or barleywines, which seems like an interesting decision when you consider Simmons hasn’t made a three in a real game since he did so in college in 2015  so I can only hope the brews don’t die in vain.