A Few Bengals Players Trolled The Steelers After Pittsburgh’s Playoff Loss Yesterday


After the Cincinnati Bengals completely shit themselves during their AFC wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend—you know, where they cost themselves 30 fucking yards in dumbass penalties—a few Cincy players took to social media to celebrate the Steelers’ loss to the Denver Broncos, believing that karma caught up with them.

Even before the meltdown last week against Pittsburgh, these two teams showed in their late season game that they really fucking hate one another, as the Week 14 game racked up nearly $140,000 worth of league fines for a little extracurricular activity.

And with All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown forced to miss the game against the Broncos yesterday because of a concussion that he sustained during a helmet-to-helmet thrashing from the Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict in their playoff game—and then got taunted by Cincy players afterwards, believing he was faking it—this rivalry went next level.

Stay tuned, guys, because their first matchup next season might produce the best brawl we’ll ever witness in sports.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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