5 Better Ways To Get Your Cardio In Without Ever Having To Jog Even A Single Mile

I tell anyone who asks that I have two speeds, walking and sprinting. I have no idea how to jog or run any distance longer than 400m (1x around the track). If you see me running longer than that you best do the same because something bad is happening.

I have nothing against running other than my total dislike for it. If you enjoy jogging than this article might not be for you unless you want some new ways to get active. HIIT cardio is great but, sometimes slower is better.

Why even bother with cardio?

Bro, “I just want big muscle I don’t care about cardio”. That statement is a common thought among many lifters. Another common belief, cardio will hinder muscle growth.

Luckily, cardio will not hinder your muscular gains, and it may even help it. It will also certainly help you live a healthy longer life, and it will increase your mental performance which, can never be a bad thing.

Low-intensity steady state (LISS) cardio will increase the blood flow to your muscles and cause angiogenesis (a fancy word for more blood vessels). More blood vessels in the muscle allows that muscle the receive more oxygen and nutrients.

More fuel to the muscle creates a muscle that performs better. The muscle will not fatigue as fast, and it will be able to do more work during weight training without fatiguing.

Not only will you be able to get more work done in a given session but your recovery will be better because your body is more efficient at removing metabolic by-products of training.

Last but not least, your heart will be much happier and healthier. LISS creates adaptations in the heart that differ from weight training alone. So, not only is the heart healthier but it will work more efficiently when weight training, creating better performance.

Now that I have convinced you that LISS is a good idea let’s discuss some ways to do it without dying of boredom.

Mobility Complexes

Mobility can be boring especially when it is done traditionally, slow and monotonous. But, what if you decreased the rest time between exercises and tried to do as many correct “sets” for 30min as you possibly can?

You want to target 60-70% of your maximal heart rate (220-age)xPrecentage. Find some areas you need mobility work and string exercises together. Move from one to the next taking minimal rest. Then repeat the circuit as many times as you can for your pre-determined time.

If you need ideas for exercises, Eric Cressey’s Youtube page has an abundance of examples. I like to use 4-6 exercise to make up a circuit. Try to get in 60-80 sets in 30min.


Walking is easy right? Nothing to it. It cannot be considered cardio. Now, what if you toss 25-70lbs on your back and try and hike around? That is likely to be a bit more challenging.

Rucking is an excellent low impact form of cardio. Your heart rate will be elevated and the first few times you will notice your upper back gets a nice amount of soreness as well.

Not only are you able to do something different for cardio but you can get outside and see more of nature while getting in a great workout. Bring your spouse, significant other, friends or family and you can double up and spend some quality time with them as well. Next time you take the dog for a walk toss some weight on and get going.

I would advise you to get some decent hiking shoes and a good pack or weighted vest. Start with about 10% of your weight added by a vest or pack (toss in a dumbbell, water jug, bricks, whatever you like). You can progress by adding weight or time.

Car Pushes

I am going to guess if you are reading this, you have a car or know someone that has a car. What could be more badass than pushing a car?

Not all gyms have access to sleds and turf. Pushing and pulling on a sled is an excellent form of cardio. So, instead, we can use a car and a parking lot.

Park the vehicle out to the edge of a large parking lot (think Walmart here). You can have someone steer while you push it for 20-30 yd. Then switch and push it back.

Pro-tip you want the car in neutral for this or if you have a manual have the shifter between gears. Do not try and push a car that is in gear unless you just want to yourself out.

Repeat your pushes 10-20x depending on how far you are pushing and the size of the vehicle. The next time you do it try to decrease the amount of time it takes.

Weighted carries

Weighted carries are a fantastic way for more low impact cardio that is a lot more fun than jogging or traditional cardio. There are plenty of methods to have a good time with.

You can try to carry half your body weight in each hand for the maximal amount of time or distance. Or you could increase the load and see how much you can carry for a predetermined amount of time or distance.

Dan John has a great carry routine that will test you. He called it the 10 min carry. Start with one 20-30lb KB depending on your strength. Hold the KB in the bottoms up position, overhead with your bicep next to your ear.

Walk until you lose your grip. Stop and reset and continue until you lose your grip again. Now put the KB into the rack position and keep walking. Now that your upper back and wrist are screaming drop the KB into a suitcase carry position (at your side) and continue walking. Do this for a total of 5 min on one side and then repeat it for 5 min on the opposite side. Have fun.

Throw and Chase

A problem with cardio is how monotonous it is but, it doesn’t have to be. You need a large rock, stone, or medicine ball. A sand bag will even work. You want something that is quite heavy and it is more fun it rolls a little.

There are many ways to modify this, but I will outline two.

First, you can pick up and throw, chest pass style, your object of choice as far as you can. Then run to it. Pick up and toss it again. Do this for 1 min then rest for 1 min. Repeat this for 20 min. During the rest feel free to do some ab work or mobility work. For a change, you can do an overhead toss by throwing the rock backwards over your head like the strongman keg toss.

The second choice, start the same as the first way, by throwing the object as far as you can. But, this time, do a shuttle run. Run to the object and bend and touch it. Then run back to your starting position and touch the ground then run back to your object and pick it up and toss it as far as you can. Repeat the shuttle run. Do this for 1 min on and 1 min off for 20 min. Again on your rest time feel free to hit your abs or some mobility


Drop the jogging if you find it boring and you don’t need to kill yourself with HIIT cardio everyday. Instead you can, use mobility complexes, rucking, car pushes, weighted carries or throw and chase, for your low intensity cardio. You will get all the benefits of cardio as well as added work that will carry over to your weight training as well as sexifying you.

Now you are armed with five great ways to kill your cardio while not dying of boredom. The summer of shredz can be yours. Keep things interesting and alternate different cardio sessions to keep your heart pumping and the fat falling off. A side bonus the activity will help keep your mind sharp and elevate your mood, helping you to have an even better kick off into summer.