Big Baller Brand Is Insanely Charging A Bunch Of Money For Summer Basketball Camps In Europe And Qatar

Big Baller Brand is charging $450 per person for summer basketball camps

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Big Baller Brand hasn’t exactly had a great past few months. Outside of the brand’s main (well, only) pro athlete, Lonzo Ball, getting hurt during the NBA’s regular season, the Los Angeles Lakers point guard then accused one of the company’s co-founders, Alan Foster, of stealing money from him, which led to Lonzo covering up his Big Baller Brand tattoo and trying to distance himself from Triple-B.

Fast-forward to now, though, and it seems like Lonzo and his brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo — who also, briefly, took a stand against Big Baller Brand — are back on the train. Co-founded by the boys’ dad, LaVar Ball, Big Baller Brand is back at trying to make serious cash, with their latest stunt coming in the form of summer basketball camps overseas in places like Qatar, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, promising an “opportunity to build on fundamental basketball skills with the Ball family.” Just take a look at what Lonzo Ball posted to Instagram today to help promote the summer hoops camps.

So, what’s the cost for these Ball-led basketball camps this summer? Try $450. Yep, LaVar Ball’s really planning on scheming our neighbors East of the U.S. a boatload of money to try and meet and learn from the Ball family. Talk about a crock.

The best-case scenario for anyone who attends one of these summer camps is the opportunity to become eligible for a draft spot on the “JBA World Tour Team,” with the JBA League still planning on operating in some respect despite the ouster of the aforementioned Alan Foster. Best part about all this? Anyone — yep, even you — can join the Ball family for this unique summer camp.

Here’s the thing, though, other than Lonzo Ball promoting the Big Baller Brand event on his personal Instagram, there aren’t many details as to which member of the Ball family will be there. If it’s Lonzo, the $450 may be worth it — after all, the dude was a top-2 pick in the NBA Draft. But if LaVar Ball thinks people will drop that kind of money to learn hoops skills from LiAngelo and LaMelo, he’s got another thing coming.

Big Baller Brand is in shambles, but, hey, for those hoopers who have a dream, these summer camps might be the perfect way to support the struggling company.

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