New Mockumentary Tells The Story Of Bill Belichick’s 24 Hours As Jets Head Coach And It’s Awesome (Unless You’re A Jets Fan)

While Bill Belichick is best-known for being the architect of the New England Patriots’ dynasty for the past 16 seasons, guiding them to four Super Bowl titles in six appearances in the big game, many sometimes forget that he actually coached the team’s biggest AFC East rival, the New York Jets.

Of course, it was only for about 24 hours before Billy Boy resigned a day after being introduced as the team’s leader, but that’s besides the point.

For those who may have forgotten about Belichick’s move, the dudes over at 2 Point Lead want you to remember, as they released this mockumentary about the whole fiasco. Someone must be a Pats fan and trolling the Jets HARD with this one.

[H/T The Big Lead]