Comedienne Has A Powerful Message For ESPN Regarding The Suspension Of Bill Simmons


Twitter/Sarah Tiana

Last night the news broke that ESPN has suspended Grantland editor Bill Simmons for taking NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to task for his lies and deceit.

As we covered here on BroBible, the Twitterverse exploded in support of Bill Simmons, which is pretty damn odd considering that most of the known world typically can’t stand Simmons. But this is a clear cut case of ESPN and the NFL knowing they hold all the cards, and playing them in a royal flush of ‘fuck you.’

One LA based comedienne, Sarah Tiana, took to Twitter with a powerful message for the ESPN execs who made the decision to suspend Bill SImmons:

No words, it says it all. It’s time for ESPN executives to remember that their human beings, and to act like it.

What’s the next move for Bill Simmons? Does he leave the evil empire for greener pastures?

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