Bill Simmons Adds Major Fuel To Zion Williamson Trade Rumors Ahead Of Draft

New Orleans Pelicans center Zion Williamson

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“Tumultuous” is probably the best word you could use to describe Zion Williamson’s time with the New Orleans Pelicans thanks to the various setbacks the big man has faced since being drafted with the top overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

While Williamson was hailed as a generational talent coming out of Duke, he hasn’t really been able to live up to that label thanks to the string of injuries that have prevented him from suiting up in the majority of the games he could’ve theoretically played by now.

The Pelicans initially exercised a fair amount of patience with Williamson despite a number of reports that suggested they were concerned about his dietary habits and worried about his commitment to the game.

However, it’s becoming increasingly clear the organization has reached an impasse with the man who was seemingly destined to become its franchise player.

Last week, Brian Windhorst hinted the Pelicans were open to trading Williamson in order to improve their position in the 2023 NBA Draft, and there’s plenty of writing on the wall that suggests he’ll be sent to another team by the time the event officially kicks off at Barclays Center on Thursday.

It’s currently unclear where Williamson may end up; the Rockets have been floated as a possibility, although the fact that they possess the fourth pick in the draft means the Pelicans would still face an uphill battle if they want to land Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller, who are the top contenders to get scooped up after the Bulls inevitably secure the talents of Victor Wembanyama at No. 1.

Bill Simmons didn’t provide any major insights on that specific front, but the noted NBA insider seemed to endorse the notion that some sort of trade involving Williamson is a virtual certainty during a recent episode of his podcast where he had this to say around the 50-minute mark:

“The Zion thing is a real, real, real, subplot. I had somebody tell me yesterday—that I trust—that he will not be on [the Pelicans] by Thursday. 

I was like, ‘Really, I haven’t heard that?’ and they were like, ‘You watch.'”

This should be a very interesting week.

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