Hundreds Of Bills Fans Showed Up To Greet The Team At The Airport After Playoff Loss

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

You’re not going to believe this but Bills Mafia has a sentimental side. There’s more to the fanbase that elbow dropping folding tables, lighting bonfires in opposing stadiums’ parking lots, and getting hand jobs inside their own stadium.

As the 17-year playoff drought ended unceremoniously with a 10-3 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in a barely-wathable AFC wild card yesterday, Bills fans showed up in droves to greet the team arriving home from Florida. This speaks volumes, considering the fan base has every right to be dismissive of a game that produced very few heart-racing moments.

  • Tyrod Taylor’s final stat line of the season was a 32.1 quarterback rating after being 1 of 4 NFL QBs with 2,500+ pass yards (2,799) & 400+ rush yards (427) in 2017.
  • Blake Bortles had just 87 yards passing, but ultimately beat the Bills on the ground, scampering for 88 yards. Bortles became the second starting quarterback in the past 25 years to win a playoff game with more rushing yards than passing.
  • Tyrod Taylor’s concussion was violent.
  • In any event, Bills fans could take pride in their team making the postseason even with the NFL’s 29th-ranked offense and 25th-ranked defense. One fan tweeted at Richie Incognito, asking him for the team’s flight information so fans can greet them upon arrival. Incognito obliged.

    And thousands of Bills fans showed up. On a school night.

    [h/t Total Pro Sports]

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