BKFC’s Josh Watson On Knocking Out Greg Hardy ‘He Wasn’t Showing Me No Respect’

Josh Watson Greg Hardy


Josh Watson loved playing the spoiler in Greg Hardy’s BKFC debut.

On Friday night, Watson welcomed the former NFL player/UFC fighter to bare-knuckle boxing in brutal fashion by knocking out Hardy in the second round of their fight at BKFC’s Knucklemania 3.

After the fight, Watson knew that was going to give Hardy a tough time in bare-knuckle boxing.

“I knew from watching all of his previous fights he doesn’t like to get hit. He’s a big guy. He’s never been bullied in his life. He’s always been the one who’s gotten away with the pressure. He doesn’t like to get hit. I knew as soon as I landed on him he wasn’t going to like bare-knuckle.”

Watson also talked about the fact that Hardy was overlooking him and already planning super fights with other fighters in BKFC.

“That was the other biggest hole in his game. He wasn’t showing me no respect. He was looking passed me. He wants that super fight with Ben Rothwell. He can’t even make 285, He thinks he can make a 265 for a title? He wasn’t looking at me at all.”

On how he felt to spoil Hardy’s big BKFC plays.

“Amazing, it feels so good.”

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