Bro With Amazing Boston Marathon Sign Torches ESPN When Asked If They Can Feature It

Pats fans will never forget ESPN’s witch hunt over Tom Brady. ESPN’s vilification of the Pats is something that will fester and stew in the hearts of New England Patriots fans for generations.

Naturally, when this bro with the greatest sign held at the 2017 Boston Marathon was contacted by ESPN yesterday morning about using his sign on air, he did the only thing a diehard Boston sports fan could do and told ESPN to hit the fucking road and stay away from his sign + pictures.

Here’s how it all went down:

He was contacted by plenty of other news outlets whom he allowed to use his tweet/pictures of his sign, just as long as ESPN didn’t get their hands on it:

Last but not least, SportsCenter blocked him *probably* for refusing to let them feature his sign:

This Boston bro went so viral he even got his very own ‘Twitter Moment‘ last night. He’s having his day on the Internet last night, and it’s come at the cost of a fantastic ESPN burn…Everything about this story is perfect.