Golf Analyst Who Was Sued By Patrick Reed For Defamation Digs Into His Latest Cheating Controversy

Patrick Reed tees off.

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Patrick Reed is involved in controversy once again. The star golfer has been accused of cheating in his latest tournament in Dubai.

In the DP World Tour event, Reed missed the fairway on a drive. That shot wound up landing in the top of a tree along the right side of the course.

After examining the landing spot for the golf ball, Reed claimed that he’d identified the tree in question (there were three trees in the vicinity). By confirming the ball’s location, he was able to deem the shot unplayable. Had he not been able to find the ball’s final resting place, he’d be forced to shoot again from the tee.

This essentially saved him a stroke on a hole he’d score a bogey on.

“I got lucky that we were able to look through the binoculars and you have to make sure it’s your ball and how I mark my golf ball is I always put an arrow on the end of my line.” -Patrick Reed

Reed claimed that he had undoubtedly identified the ball as his.

But after a review of the tournament video, it appears that Reed was wrong in his assessment. Golf analyst Brandel Chamblee slowed the clip of his shot down, and it all but proves that the wrong tree was selected.

Chamblee slows the video down and he comes to the conclusion that Reed’s ball landed atop a different tree. Though Reed says, without a doubt, that he’d found the right ball, it appears that’s not so.

Making things a bit funnier, Chamblee speaks out on Reed’s cheating controversy after being sued by the golfer for defamation.

Of course, this is far from the first time that Patrick Reed’s been involved in this circumstance. He’s been accused of cheating in the past, developing into one of golf’s biggest villains.

It definitely looks like he was at it again at the Dubai Desert Classic. Reed would end up finishing second behind Rory McIlroy.

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