WWE Superstar Wrestler Braun Stroman Shared A Gnarly Photo Of His ‘Shattered Elbow’

by 2 years ago

I can’t even imagine what it felt like for Braun Stroman to ‘shatter’ his elbow. I have popped my shoulder out of socket before, one of the most excruciating injuries of my life, but a shattered elbow sounds like the type of injury that changes your life. But this is Braun Stroman we’re talking about here, not me.

He’s a WWE wrestler who looks like a direct descendant from a Norse God. A Viking lord who could’ve raised beaches and plundered villages whilst swinging his axe. Even his shattered elbow looks like the injury of a man who drinks from the skulls of his enemies.

Braun Stroman shared a picture of his shattered elbow on Instagram yesterday and it is pretty f’n gnarly. You can see what appears to be two stitches in there, but that’s lost in the crazy amount of bruising:

The Instagram post carried a message for his WWE arch enemy, Roman Reigns:

This is what a shattered elbow looks like!!!! This pain is nothing compared to what I’m going to unleash as soon as I’m healed!!!! #ImNotFinishedWithYou

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