Brett Maher Missed Another Extra Point And The Internet Is Losing It

Brett Maher kicks a field goal.

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Brett Maher’s second playoff game started much like his first. With a missed extra point.

The Dallas kicker’s struggles have continued in the Cowboys’ matchup with the 49ers.

Maher missed four straight PATs in a first round win over the Tampa Bay Bucs. Luckily, those misses didn’t come back to haunt the Cowboys, though they did lead to frustrations from players on the sidelines.

It appears that the yips have not gone away. 

Before the game, he was seen missing a number of field goals in warmups. Jerry Jones gave him a pep talk, which doesn’t appear to have helped.

After Dallas scored a touchdown in the second quarter, Maher trotted out onto the field with all eyes on him. The kicker then yanked the extra point kick, which was then blocked by San Francisco.

The internet is on absolute fire after the miss.

One person wrote, “This is truly a remarkably bad run from Brett Maher. So bad it’s almost impressive.”

Another fan said, “Oh no.. I fear it’s going to be a long night for Maher.”

Viewers just can’t believe what they’re seeing. Five misses over his last six extra point attempts. Of course, even if this one was on line, the 49ers made sure it had no shot of going through the uprights.

It could be a long, long night for Brett Maher in what’s expected to be a close game. Will Dallas start going for two points after every touchdown? Can Maher become the unlikely hero?

The Cowboys need a win to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive. If the kicking game doesn’t sort itself out, those championship aspirations could be dashed quickly.

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