Brian Kelly’s Daughter Grace Trolls Her Dad With Funny Post About Fake Southern Accent On Father’s Day

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  • Upon his introduction at LSU, Brian Kelly appeared to say “family” with a southern accent.
  • It quickly became a running joke, but Kelly denied the fake accent.
  • On Father’s Day, his daughter got a hilarious jab in about her dad’s “family” pronunciation.

Brian Kelly loves his family. He has made that abundantly clear since arriving at LSU.

But it goes both ways! His family loves him right back, as was expressed by his daughter on Father’s Day.

Kelly, who left Notre Dame for LSU in November, has been the butt of quite a few jokes since his arrival in Baton Rouge. It all started with a bizarre exit from South Bend and culminated with an even stranger dance videos with a pair of top-ranked recruits.

Of the many viral moments, the one that really stands out took place during his first introduction at LSU. During his first speech to the Tigers fanbase, it sounded like he broke out a fake southern accent, despite being from Massachusetts.

In particular, it was the way that he said “family” as if it had three syllables. Fam-uh-ly.

Kelly has since discussed the fake accent accusations and denied any such twang with a false statement about Bostonians. Whether he was using a fake accent or not, it sure sounded like he was. In fact, it’s almost impossible to say he didn’t use a fake accent, even if Kelly claims otherwise.

Listen to this:

Even Kelly’s daughter Grace is in on the joke. She posted an Instagram post on Sunday that celebrated her dad on Father’s Day for being her biggest supporter.

In the post, she took a subtle, hilarious jab at the whole “fam-uh-ly” situation.

Grace, who is semi-TikTok famous, is very, very funny. Her caption on Sunday speaks to her humor and it is perfect.