Brock Purdy Was In Awe Of Christian McCaffrey’s Mom During His And Olivia Culpo’s Wedding

Lisa McCaffrey makes an appearance on Sirius XM.

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was blown away by Christian McCaffrey’s mom, Lisa, during the running back’s recent wedding. The NFL passer was in attendance to watch his superstar teammate tie the knot with model Olivia Culpo earlier this summer.

Since that wedding night, Culpo has been posting a series of videos and pictures from both the reception and after party to allow followers an inside look at the festivities.

Greg Olsen made headlines for his appearance at the event, which was captured in one of those Olivia Culpo photo dumps. FOX teammate Erin Andrews went as far as to single him out online for looking “completely trashed” by night’s end.

Olsen wasn’t the only one having a good time!

Culpo recently posted a clip of her new mother-in-law getting down on the dance floor. The video also features a brief cameo from Brock Purdy, who couldn’t believe his eyes.

@oliviadangerculpoDidn’t see this clip until now and just had to share 😂 best MIL in the world!!!

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In the video, Purdy’s seen on the outer edge of the screen, appearing to have just stepped off of the dance floor himself with a disheveled half-in, half-out untucked shirt.

As Lisa McCaffrey showed off her moves inside a circle of spectators, a look of disbelief flashed across Purdy’s face along with a grin.

Brock Purdy shouldn’t be surprised!

The entire McCaffrey family boasts insane athleticism and coordination.

We know about Christian, the reigning Offensive Player of the Year.

Father, Ed, was also an NFL star with the Broncos, winning a pair of Super Bowls in Denver as well as one in San Francisco. Younger brother, Luke, is fresh off an All-Conference college career at Rice as he looks to continue the NFL bloodlines.

Lisa, though, is an athlete in her own right!

She was a multi-sport star in high school, competing in track, soccer, and tennis. She received Vanderbilt’s first-ever women’s soccer scholarship, but ultimately turned it down to attend Stanford.

That said, seeing those dance floor moves should come as no surprise!

It seems that everyone had a blast at Christian McCaffrey’s wedding, and we can only hope that Olivia Culpo continues to share images from the night.