Kyle Shanahan Delivers Encouraging News After Brock Purdy’s Injury Confusion

Brock Purdy

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

Brock Purdy fell to injury in the NFL Playoffs and now it sounds like it was rather serious. In fact, he could be receiving Tommy John surgery this offseason.

However, there was some confusion floating around about the injury. Some reports suggest it could take him a full year to recover, while others say differently.

The confusion all started when orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Adickens shared his opinion on Brock Purdy’s injury on The Dan Patrick Show.

Adickens essentially guesses that Purdy will be out for a full year due to his injury. After this statement, multiple people shared this information as if it were true.

Luckily though, San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan clears the air. Rather than a full year, he suggests Brock Purdy’s recovery time is six months, per David Lombardi.

Shanahan’s claim makes much more sense. Especially considering that’s about the same timeline pitchers recover from Tommy John surgery.

If that is the case, then we should expect to see Brock Purdy return to full health by training camp. With that said, the 49ers may have a legit quarterback battle this offseason.